Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Happy Halloween!!

Well it is Halloween and I think the kids just might be excited. They are finally big enough to want to go and Trick or Treat house to house and I believe by george they can do it this year- Nicky yesterday for the church party was a bunch of grapes, Olivia was a hula girl. They both have decided to be something different tonight. I promise to post pictures as soon as I can figure out how the heck to do it. I guess I should go hang out with my sister for a few- Hopefully we'll all make it through the sugar comas this weekend!!!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Lord hears our prayers

Well Friday our ward was going to the Temple after the youth did baptisms and I really, really wanted to go, I was trying to figure out different options, people to go with etc.. Well Ruben thought we couldn't go because he had to work, anyhow I prayed that if I was supposed to go we would find a way. Well after crying to a friend on the phone I took my children to the park to enjoy the crazy beautiful weather when Ruben calls me "Come home , let's go to the Temple" I was so excited!!! So we hurried to get showered and dressed and on our way. Well we were running a little late and so we missed the session, but were able to do some sealings. What a joyous wonderful evening. I am so grateful for the temple and the blessings we recieve from it.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

First time's the charm.....

Well this is my very first attempt at blogging and everyone says how easy it is. We'll see. April said I really needed to start this blog since we are expecting baby #3, that's right the lord thought we needed to expand our family so he is sending us a special little "surprise", The kids are pretty excited and can hardly wait to hold love and spoil a little one. It is a really good thing we are pregnate for so long, I think I will need each and every day to prepare for the birth!! UUGGHH I had almost forgotten about that whole labor thing. Oh well got a while to sike myself up for that one.