Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Lord hears our prayers

Well Friday our ward was going to the Temple after the youth did baptisms and I really, really wanted to go, I was trying to figure out different options, people to go with etc.. Well Ruben thought we couldn't go because he had to work, anyhow I prayed that if I was supposed to go we would find a way. Well after crying to a friend on the phone I took my children to the park to enjoy the crazy beautiful weather when Ruben calls me "Come home , let's go to the Temple" I was so excited!!! So we hurried to get showered and dressed and on our way. Well we were running a little late and so we missed the session, but were able to do some sealings. What a joyous wonderful evening. I am so grateful for the temple and the blessings we recieve from it.

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tystrishy said...

Hey Rach! Welcome to the blogging world. And, CONGRATS on baby #3!