Monday, July 20, 2009

Super Special Weekend

Lila going home! Daddy and Lila day 1

Lila finally home.

Daddy and Nicky right before the big moment

Well the first weekend in July was super amazing! Not only was it the 4th of July, It was also the day my son Nicky got baptized! The very next day we were able to bless our beautiful baby Lila. Such an amazing weekend!

So I Finally figured out how to upload Pics!! Yea!! Here are some of my favorites of Lila. That isn't a scratch on her eye, it is a stork bite that should fade over time.


jana said...

That is nick... wow we are getting old. Who Does Lila look like? What a beautuful baby..was she a suprise? Ours was. You need to post a picture of you I heard you lost a lot of weight.

Rachel Garcia said...

She was quite the surprise!! At first she looked like Nicky, but now it is hard to say. Jason borrowed my camera for the week so I can't post the updated pics of her.